Welcome to the website of Bio-IT Convergence Laboratory. Our lab is an advanced next-generation lab under Department of Electronic Convergence Engineering, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in Bio-medical devices and Micro-Nano technologies.

We are currently focusing on Smart-biochips, Microfluidic Devices, IoT-based Lab-on-a-chip for Bio-medical applications, Wearable Electrode-based Devices, Bio-potential measuring, and Microfabrication. We are actively carrying out studies that can be commercialized through production, measurement, and evaluation.

We have a highly motivated and skilled research group. With the utilization of our highly sophisticated laboratory and proper guidance of Prof. Joon Sub Shim, Ph.D. they are working seamlessly to ensure fruitful outcomes.

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