Fig. 1 Procedure for fluidic alignment of CNT by magnetic attraction on a Ni pattern. (a) Schematic design of a large-area IDA with nano-gaps for maximizing the limiting current during the electrochemical redox cycle., (b) Summary of the fabrication steps of an IDA with nano-gaps, (c) Microscopic picture of a disposable IDA biosensor fabricated on transparent COC polymer for measuring the electrochemical activity., and (d) SEM picture of a fabricated gap of 250 nm.
- J.S.Shim et al., J. Micromech. Microeng. 23 (2013) 035002 (6pp).

Fig. 2 Sub-30 nm Gap of electrodes fabricated by optical lithography.

Fig. 3 Self-aligned multi-layer electrode with nanogap for the assembly of carbon nanotube.
-Joon S. Shim et. al., Langmuir, vol. 26, pp 11642–11647, 2010.

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