Fig. 2 Procedure for fluidic alignment of CNT by magnetic attraction on a Ni pattern. (a) Fabrication of Ni pattern on Au/Ti electrodes, (b) solution containing CNTs is guided to the Ni pattern by a PDMS microchannel, (c) Fe catalyst at the end of CNT is magnetically attracted to the Ni pattern, and (d) CNT is aligned parallel to the flow direction.

Fig. 3 Self Assembly of Individual MWNT on the Ni aligned electrode fabricated by Multi-layer E-beam lithography
- Joon S. Shim et al., Nanotechnology, vol. 20, pp. 325067-325074, 2009.

Fig. 4 Individually assembled CNT on self aligned multi-layer nanogap electrodes.
-J. S. Shim and C. H. Ahn et al., Langmuir, vol. 26, pp 11642–11647, 2010.

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